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I've been a Chicago Cubs fan for over 50 years and I guess that fits the definition of a "die hard Cubs fan". Still waiting and expecting that trip to the World Series. Not since 1945 and there hasn't been a title since 1908. But if you have been a Chicago Cubs fan for any length of time you already knew that.

This site is about what I and other Cubs fans have been part of for the past
50 + years. There are memories of the seasons and players that have made up this following. And there have been great seasons and great players. Because lets face it that is what keeps brings us back year after year. Without the World Series we really only have the memories and the hope that this year or future years are going to produce what we are all so desperately waiting for.

Is there a Curse? Or just bad luck. The Boston Red Sox finally made it. Are the Cubs ever going to get there in my life time?

There has been some years that I and I'm sure other Chicago Cubs fans were so sure this was the year. The long wait had finally come to an end. I include years like the 1969 season that was so disappointing. So many great players that even today are remembered. Four of the six jerseys the Cubs have retired came from the 1969 Cubs.

Wrigley Field

There was the division championship of 1984 and 1989. The year the Cubs made it as a wild card team in 1998. The home run race that year. Almost didn't make it when Brant Brown dropped a fly ball and Ron Santo uttered is infamous "no, no, no".
2003 is known for 5 more outs and Steve Bartman.

2007 and 2008 were Lou Piniella years that were as disappointing at end as they were exciting during the year.

A Cubs fan for over 50 years this site is about the Chicago Cubs History with a blend of the present. Even though its been 100+ years and counting since a World Series Championship there has been memorable years, players and coaches. This site includes pages on the current club and players but also teams and players from years past.

Wrigley Field

Chicago Cubs History includes those special years, players and moments that keep fans coming back year after year. This is a work in progress and let me know if you have any history you would like me to include.


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